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    Qwai、My Autumn Rain、NON'SHEEP、Laugh Partner、RIDDLE、石鹸屋
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    BAMbi、THE VICKERS、Archery sound system、8ASSION、Laugh Partner、EDGE OF CLIFF
    food support 「TRIANGLES cafe」
    2005.12.29 鳩ヶ谷CARGO / 122Fes support by CAMEL STUDIO
    Northern19、TRIBAL CHAIR、BAMbi、TOY、seek one's prime、8ASSION、創-soe-、MASTER-2、Archery sound system
    2005.10.15 鳩ヶ谷CARGO /
    Northern19、BAMbi、NO★GAIN、8ASSION、Archery sound system、use my third arm、EDGE OF CLIFF、チャンバーポット
    2005.4.1 鳩ヶ谷CARGO /
    serial TV drama、MURATORIX、Tesseract、LOOK FOOT BASE、HANG-SONG
    2005.1.16 鳩ヶ谷CARGO /
    serial TV drama、Archery sound system、TOY、seek one's prime、創-soe-、Tesseract

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